Contemporary collage art by Désha Nujsongsinn

‘My collage output is the result of having a serious addiction to printed matter. I’m hooked on type, colors, shapes and paper. For my artworks I mainly use paper I find in the streets which I simply have to cut into pieces. Because I’m also addicted to breaking things. I take elements out if it’s context and place it into something new. Every beginning starts with an end, every creation begins with destruction and I also like glue.

The construction began by cutting the existing order into parts to create a certain amount of tolerant anarchy. May contain traces of abstraction, constructivism, surrealism, dada and nuts.’

‘I choose the art way.’ is a project by Désha Nujsongsinn. 

I choose the art way.

Désha Nujsongsinn is a visual artist based in Munich, Germany. For new projects, collaborations or commissioned work feel free to get in touch. Catalogue of current work on request.


+49 (0) 89 2009 5722